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Alternative Medicines for Vitiligo

Alternative Medicines for Vitiligo,Vitiligo The vitiligo patients want to use medicine to treat vitiligo, some of the medicine of hormone types without obvious effects or no effects at all. There are a variety of causes that influence the treatments effects. The active stage vitiligo with great possibility show not obvious effect.

The stable and initial stage of vitiligo can use some medicine and cream.

And there are also some alternative medicines for vitiligo patients.

1. Limited study shows that the herb Ginkgo biloba can return skin color in people with the type of slow spreading vitiligo.

2. Other study shows that folic acid and vitamin B-12 plus sunlight may restore skin color for some vitiligo people.

As with any nonprescription treatments, you should check with your doctor before trying alternative medicines therapies to be sure they won't interact badly with other therapies you may be using.

Some patients also choose bathe therapy and oil to apply on skin white spots. The tar bath is also a choice for vitiligo patients. The olive oil is an common oil for vitiligo patients to choose.

And alternative medicines are not suit for all patients, so some patients can show a fast and positive effect, the others may no response at all.

You should not rely on the natural treatments and alternative medicines, or you may delay the best treatments time. Once the vitiligo spread, it will be hard to treat and spend you much more time. And it will cause great influences on your daily life.

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