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Vitiligo treatment suggestions for women patients.

women vitiligo patientsPay more attention to relevant matters. Avoid the treatment blindness can help women make better treatment effect. Some women are just cared about the temporary effect. Thus eat medicine or whitening cream blindly. Don’t care about daily care. On the contrary, it will make their disease become worse and far from health.

What should they pay attention to when treat the disease?

First, use whitening cosmetic cautiously.The whitening cosmetics contain high content of elemental mercury and are easy to cause mercury poisoning. If your skin absorb too much mercury in short time, your skin will get a feeling of itch, inflammation, and poisoning symptom. Therefore, women vitiligo patients are more difficult to treat. Their vitiligo is easy to spread and become worse to treat. So women vitiligo patients should avoid whitening cosmetics and choose some cosmetics that contains natural ingredients and no additive. It will not hurt your skin.

Second,adjust the internal secretion. Internal secretion disorder is an important reason causing vitiligo. Women internal system are more likely to be affected than men and then become inordinate. As a result, women patients should strengthen the adjustment of internal secretion in daily life: cultivate a good living habit, ensure enough sleeping time. And avoid long-term spirit stress and depression, which will be of great helpful on maintaining internal systematic stability and improving autoimmunity.

Third, exercise properly.Women who love exercises are usually of high level of hormone secretion. The specific appearance is the regular menstruation and the glossy hair and skin. And their appetite may also increase. If women hormone can get good secretion, it will do great help for women life quality. Their vitiligo disease will also alleviate. And exercise can increase physical power and hematopoietic function. These will greatly help women patients to treat their vitiligo.

Vitiligo has the possibility of inheritance. But the onset of vitiligo is recessive gene. Without the external stimulation , it will not cause vitiligo forwardly. So vitiligo women can have a baby. But if you are in treatment, you should better not be pregnant. Then the baby will be safer.

If you want a further knowledge about vitiligo causes, you can send your own problem to vitiligocure@hotmail.com and we will give you a professional solution. After all, the symptoms are similar, but the real conditions are different.To treat this illness,we need to find the authentic pathogenesis according to different conditions of different patients.

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