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A System of Vitiligo Treatments to Remove Blood Toxin

A System of Vitiligo Treatments to Remove Blood Toxin,vitiligo If we want to treat vitiligo, we should know and figure out the real cause of vitiligo. It is widely considered that vitiligo is with close relation with immune system, antibodies against melanin, predisposing factors, activity of neuraminidase, gene and other factors. To figure out the trigger is the first step. We use the latest Integrated Chinese and Western medications with advanced large-scale medical equipments at the same time according to the trigger, this treatment is called UM-D Vitiligo system treatments. Clinical use effect is pretty obvious.

The TCM treatments include Chinese herb medicine, herb bath and Chinese medical steam bath to remove toxin, which can not only remove toxin, but also adjust the internal organs even T cells and B cells function. It is a safe and long tern effect to adjust the patients’ immune system. But it needs a relative long time to show the effects.

The 03 will also be applied in the treatment system to purify the blood and excrete the blood toxin from human body, which reaches a purpose of detoxification from the source.

That is why we provide the UM-D Vitiligo system treatments. The combined treatments will start from both external and internal aspects. The symptoms show on skin, but the treatments should not only treat the skin white spots, but also adjust the immune system and body. The underneath skin causes are called as the blood toxin, if we can remove the blood toxin, the white patches can also be removed.

The blood toxin is the cause exists in blood. In modern times, the inflammation factors, radicals, toxic protein and some cells that can cause vitiligo occur.

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