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The effective treatment for acral vitiligo

acral vitiligo treatmentCompared with other positions, vitiligo on acral parts is more difficult to treat. Because it is on exposed areas and are easier to be affected by outside environment and harmful factors. When using some external medicines, it is not easy to be absorbed. Therefore, if patients get acral vitiligo, they should pay attention to the following points:

The normal treatment: It should be treated according to the different development periods. Avoid using medicines blindly. In development stage, it should be focused on internal treatment. Adjust body immunity function, neuroendocrine functions. And patients with other systematic diseases, such as thyroid disease, diabetes, hepatopathy and etc should get the treatment prudently. In development stage, patients should not choose strong sunlight and they should avoid aggravating melanophore burden and increasing the toxic products of metabolism. And it will increase the melanophore autodestruction. At the same time, don’t use strong irritant external medicine and avoid local stimulation reaction, melanophore damage,immunity disorder and vitiligo spreading.

Combine treatment and nurse: During treatment, patients should keep good psychology. It is a kind of stubborn type among vitiligo. The appearance of acral vitiligo will cause the incomplete medicine absorption. The treatment cycle is relative longer and the treatment effect will be later than local vitiligo. And in treatment period, the condition will easy to appear recurrence. Therefore, for patients with this type, they will easy to get nervous and irritable and emotion. It is important to counsel patients’ emotion and let patients get more knowledge about the vitiligo. Make enough preparation for long-term treatment.

It is easy to get stimulation: For the lack of pigment protect, the skin will feel painful and appear erythema and blister. The amounts of white spot is not certain and they are located in some parts of human body. Most of the white spots will increase and large and even spread to the whole body.

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