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The treatment for vitiligo

Vitiligo is a common skin disease whose treatment difficulty is big. If miss the best treatment time in early period, the treatment will be extremely difficult. Many vitiligo patients don’t attach great importance on their condition when they find their little white spots on their body. They think that their conditions are not serious at the beginning. With time goes by, their vitiligo may spread and bring severe damages to their normal life and interpersonal communication.

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Vitiligo patients have bad immunity resistance to ultraviolet ray. So experts demand to try to decline the irradiation time of ultraviolet ray in daily life. According to the sunlight time and light intensity to increase the amount of melanin accordingly. The skin will become dark obviously to resist and weak the ultraviolet ray irradiation. The melanophore can make and secrete melanin to resist ultraviolet ray irradiation and protect body from damage.

Vitiligo can appear on four seasons all the year. The vitiligo onset and aggravation for most patients are usually in spring and summer, especially in the transition time from spring to summer. This period is a good season to have a trip. However, many travellers will get vitiligo in this trip. Many new white spots will be on exposed areas, which indicates that the generation of vitiligo has relation with exposure. At the same time, because of straight sunlight, many vitiligo patients’ normal skin around their white spots will be dark, and their edge skin will have hyperpigmentation. But their white spots will just be red without hyperpigmentation. In this way, it will make the contrast between vitiligo and normal skin become evident, which will be mistaken for vitiligo aggravation. In winter, because of the decline of sunlight intensity, and the shorter time exposed to sunlight irradiation, human skin will be light. The chromatism will be narrowed and uncouspicuous between normal skin and white spots. This will also give people a false appearance. People will think their condition is better.

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