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Access the treatment effect for the vitiligo

The vitiligo is a long term skin condition characterized by patches of the skin losing their pigment. So how we know the treatment is effective or not.

How we know the treatment is effective or not?

After one course of treatment, if any of the following you are experiencing, it means the treatment is effective for you.

1. The white spots are not spreading anymore.

2. The edge of the white spot turns to look clear.

3. The edge of the white spot color becomes darker.

4. The center of the white spot grows some new follicles dark spots.

treatment effect for the vitiligo5. The appearance of white spot turns to red color obstreat or become thinner and it also shrinks to centre of the white spot.

How long can we see the treating result for vitiligo?

We usually be asked this kind of problem in clinical area. In the position of patient, they want to see the result of treatment as fast as it can be. It would be great the vitiligo become better or even recover after applying the cream. But in fact, it is impossible. Because of the normal epithelial cells metabolic cycle is 28 days. So someone who have vitiligo, the melanin cells of the Epithelia basal layer become damaged, or the melanin productive function is inhibited. It toke a long time to repair the damaged melanin cells, or to relieve the restraint. It take a longer time compared with the normal cells.. According to the recovery time from home and abroad research, it at least would take 6-12 weeks.

Therefore, not until the three months treatment, we can say the treatment is not effective. The clinical shows that the vitiligo type is the more important factor that can affect medicine effect among various factors. The local vitiligo treatment usually last for two months, Segmental, acra type, generalized vitiligo last for three months.

Some vilitigo patient could see the effect after one week. The reason why the result can show out so fast? There are many reasons , the main reason is melanin mild damaged mildly, or the factor repress melanin cells is released.

How does vitiligo patient protect their skin? What are the points they need to take a note?

1) Vitiligo patient have to avoid chemical physical and mechanical injury, avoid to contact with the phenol and phenols compound. For example (monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone is used as antioxidant for rubber, if we usually contact with the rubber products (for example: rubber gloves rubber shoelace etc). The white spot will appear after the fading of the local area. The white spot may occur on the other part of body. monobenzyl ether of hydroquinone is the main component of macula-removing paste, it also will cause some white spot appear on the face or hands. So we have to avoid to rubber and irritate on the sensitive part of body.

2) During the active stage, the patient have to avoid apply some external cream, it also needs to avoid the UV irritation.

3) Avoid the skin to get infected, for some patients who have the eczema, dermatitis, insect biting should look for the treatment as soon as possible.

In conclusion, we know that how we know the treatment is effective or not for vitiligo. It usually will take a long time to see the result. So they have to continue the treatment.

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