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New breakthrough in the treatment of Vitiligo 2016

New breakthrough in the treatment of Vitiligo 2016

As we all know, there are many ways to treat the vitiligo. We have been studying vitiligo for many years. This article will introduce some new principles to treat the vitiligo. The Chinese academy multidimensional 1+1+1 three dimensional remove white, which is under the guidance of system of Zhongke UMD multidimensional vitiligo treatment. It adopts Omni-directional stereoscopic treatment philosophy. In view of the occurrence, development and prognosis of vitiligo, it’s aimed at the various types of vitiligo and individual clinical treatment methods.

Application principles

Melanin cells, blood, ion channels are the three elements to ensure the patient recover from the vitiligo. If lack any of the element, There are risk of getting vitiligo disease. The Chinese academy multidimensional 1+1+1 three dimensional treatment is focus on the problem which the three elements cause, we treat the vitiligo from the blood, ion channel, Silicon light three aspects, our treatment is to purify the blood environment, to open up the iron channels, and silicon optical edge effect, to maintain stability and harmony of the iron triangle, this method will treat the vitiligo fundamentally.

First step- purify the blood environment

 Treatment of vitiligoBased on the Chinese traditional medical theory, the disease is present on appearance, but the root is inside the internal organs and it originate from the blood. According to the evidence-based medicine theory, if we want to treat the disease we have to treat the internal organ first. In order to treat the internal organ, we have to treat the root first. To import the especially treat activated oxygen (03) targeted blood and blood capillaries. Oxygen molecular and oxygen atom is dissolved inside. The oxygen molecular and oxygen atom will participate the organism metabolism rapidly. As a result, the toxin will excrete out from the blood. Functions of the free radicals will also improve. Thus, to repair the damaged skin melanocytes, and activate the activity of tyrosinase. So melanocyte could divide and multiply normally, the Vitiligo develops gradually to the edge of white spot migration, inhibit melanin cell apoptosis, and at the end, it can eliminate the white spot quickly.

The next step-open up the iron channel

We use the simulate biological waves, it direct effect on pubic region for Vitiligo patients, and open up the obstructed iron channel, so the trace element can go through smoothly, after the iron channel is open, the melanocyte will get the enough nutrition, the ability of immune system will improve.

Change the pathological factor fundamentally, and to prevent the formation of the chain, so as to achieve the purpose of the treatment.

The third step - Silicon light lattice cell function

Using silicon light direct effects on the base layer of melanin, the silicon waves are targeted to melanin cells. Promote the melanin cell migration to white spot space so that the melanin cell get nourished and the regenerate function improved, it also activate the functions of the cell differentiation.

Combining various effects, deep into every aspect of melanin production, Comprehensive consideration, integrate the aftercare.

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