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The Ultraviolet Ray for Vitiligo Treatment

ultraviolet rayUltraviolet ray is another therapy to treat vitiligo. The reason why ultraviolet ray can treat vitiligo is that ultraviolet ray can arouse biological reaction after being absorbed by human skin. It can promote melanin synthesis. Ultraviolet ray of 300nm-400nm wavelength can generate the best treatment effect. It doesn’t mean vitiligo patients can apply ultraviolet ray to treat their vitiligo blindly. On the contrary, excessive ultraviolet ray can cause the repeated attack and aggravation of their condition. Therefore, ultraviolet ray must be under the professional guidance of our doctors.

Patients must avoid strong ultraviolet ray exposure. One daily care for vitiligo patients is to protect your skin from strong sunlight. For example, you can wear sunscreen, hold umbrellas. In summer and autumn, the ultraviolet ray is especially strong, which can make skin more sensitive and even be burned. Thus leading to the repeated attack and aggravation of condition.

Ultraviolet ray is another reason to cause vitiligo. Strong ultraviolet ray can arouse melanophore destruction and decline. Therefore, a good method to prevent vitiligo is to do a good job in sun protection.

Because pigment cells become withered, the pigment in skin will be easy to lose. Then it will greatly weaken skin’s ability to resist ultraviolet ray. Therefore, if patients have a bad defense for ultraviolet ray, the skin will be easy to be hurt to arouse various diseases, such as photosensitive dermatitis.

Without protection and adjustment, the ultraviolet ray in natural light will cause big damage to human skin. Long-time exposure in sunlight is not beneficial to skin. The infrared ray and ultraviolet ray in sunlight, such as UVA, UVB, UVC, especially UVA will permeate into corium layer. It will make your skin dark and affect skin cells growth.

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