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Can you prescribe medicine for my vitiligo

Vitiligo treatmentCan you prescribe some medicine for my vitiligo? Asked many patients. I can understand patient’s thinking about their disease, they are eagar to recover, but they want to have it treated at home or at local hospital, because they did not pay enough attention to it or their doctor did not pay enough attention to their vitiligo. However, for those whose vitiligo spreads after treatment or no obvious effects, I want to ask, even with their doctor’s examination and medicine prescribed by their doctor, their vitiligo still failed to be under control, so, if you buy medicine from internet without doctor’s examination and necessary tests, is it repsonsible and safe for you?

It is known that the causes leading to vitiligo are very complicated, like mental tension, low immunity, metabolic disturbance, trauma, heredity, infection and excessive sunshine exposure, long-time short-wave ultraviolet exposure, radiation, chemical irritation, allergies, other skin disease like psoriasis, some kind of internal disease like thyroid disease, malnutrition, etc. All above-mentioned factors can lead to this disease.

Most of the time, it is the interaction of several factors that lead to vitiligo. So, finding out the exact reason and having it treated accordingly from multiple dimensions can help control and treat vitiligo effectively, otherwise, it will not be controlled and spread continuously.

Through above explanation, do you understand why we can not post you the medicine or single medicine to you for your vitiligo treatment?

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