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Clinical Findings Of Vitiligo

Clinical found in order to treat vitiligo disease. We have to clean up the blood trash, open up the ion channel. The clinical also found that a mixture of light from silicon has a significant effect on the treatment of vitiligo.

The first step is to clean up the blood trash

The study found that the various blood indexes are higher than the normal person for vitiligo patient. blood of foreign material (healthy blood is not include any virus , parasites, medicine, alcohol, chemical substance, or some substance may cause disease, injury) the foreign body make the free radical accumulate in the blood. This undissolved free radical will pollute the blood environment severely, and it continues to attack the melanin, it leads to death of the melanin cells. In conclusion, it is very important to clean up the blood environment, This is the first step to treat the vitiligo.

Vitiligo association of china

Open up the ion channel is the key to supply the microelement.

vitiligo treatmentAccording to the medical report, the ion is a cell carrier for nutrients exchange between cells. It forms a numerous healthy safe delivery channel in the human body. (Ion balance is the normal level of the bicarbonate, chloride ion, sodium ion, calcium ion) once the balance of electrolyte is broken in the body, the safe channel is shutting down. As a result, there is the short of the microelement in the body. It causes the melanocyte may loss too much nutrient, or even death. Subsequently, it will cause vitiligo to patient. In order to treat the vitiligo, it’s necessary to replenish the ion which body lake of, and have to open up the ion channel, it facilitate the ion can go through smoothly, and it function well.

International vitiligo research institution findings

A mixture of light from silicon has a significant effect on the treatment of vitiligo

For The Past Few Years, international vitiligo institution found that mixture of light from silicon has a significant effect on the treatment of vitiligo. Silicon is the most abundant inert element in nature,A kind of electromagnetic wave can occur after the physical impact to silicon, this specific wave is a kind of mixed light. It can play a magic role in the cell biological efficiency. This mixed light can lattice in the base layer of the melanin, and it also specify targeted on the melanin cells by silicone light waves. It facilitates melanin cells to migrate and cover the white spot, and it make the melanin cells nourish effectively. It also facilitate activation,differentiation,and regeneration of cells. So during the treatment of vitiligo, silicone light plays a very important role on the treatment of vitiligo.

International News

The vitamin C can use to treat the vitiligo

Recent years, vitamin C as a whiting product was misunderstood by many dermatologists, they thought consume the vitamin will compromise the recovery of the vitiligo patient. Actually, the common symptom for the vitiligo is disappearing of the melanin cells in the white area. So it has nothing to do with vitamin C. the vitamin C only delay the synthesis of the tyrosinase in the melanin cells. It only reduces the speed of the chromatosis. Thus, the whiting effect is not significant for the normal person. On the contrary, the study shows that the reason why the melanin cells disappear is because of the free radical accumulation in the skin. That was really interesting that the vitamin C is the main material of antioxygen free radical. According to the clinical research result, the patient who taken the vitamin C was better than who are not taken.

The new generation XTRACE quasimolecule laser treatment system in US—this is the pinnacle in treating vitiligo.

Regarding to the phototherapy for the vitiligo patient. The light penetration depth affects the phototherapy effect directly. The stronger of the intensity of light, the penetration will be deeper. The American first generation Xtrace308 quasimolecule laser treatment system applies a single wavelength of 308 nm. According to the clinical research, a single 308 nm is the best wavelength to induce the T lymphocyte apoptosis for vitiligo patient. It also is the strongest penetrability in this UVB wavelength. It can penetrate to the dermis shadow layer up to 1.5mm. It has the extremely good effect on the treatment of vitiligo.

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