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The principles of Treating Vitiligo

The principles of vitiligoThe principle of early treatment: according to the clinical findings, the early stage of vitiligo, it will be easier to treat. The onset of the vitiligo on the first and second month, vitiligo can totally disappear under treatment within half month or two months. So, the main principle of treating vitiligo is treating as early as possible.

This is because at the beginning period there are remain some good melanocyte. We call it incomplete white spot. If we treat it as early as possible, melancytes will repaired and divide, multiply, and secrete melanin. The melanin will be transported to the skin layers. It will have the best treatment effect. At the same time, an incipient white spot only occur on a small area. The surrounding melancytes of the normal skin will migrate to the vitiligo area. This also helps the white spot to disappear. The course of treatment is reduced.

When the course of disease more than one year. The duration of treatment will be delayed. So, when the course of the disease is many years, even ten years. At the basal layer of epidermis, melancyte has been totally destroyed. Even inside of the hair follicle, melancytes also completely disappear, so that the treatment is rather difficulty. So, treating early is one of the most important principles in treating vitiligo. What shall we need to pay attention is the early skin lesions of vitiligo is dot shape, small patches of substraction color spot, the edge is unclear, it is not easy to differentiate with the normal skin. It usually diagnosed wrongly as white pityriasis or sweat stain etc. due to some doctor diagnosed wrongly, it cause the patient lose the best treatment time. On the contrary, the facial white pityriasis, amelanotic nevus, anaemic mole, also will also be wrongly dignosed to vitiligo. So that the treatment is not effect. The above factors have to indentify cautiously.

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