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What To Do If Children Get White Spots

Children vitiligo patientsMany parents are concerned about the problem that whether the white spots on their kid’s face is vitiligo or not. From the data of Chinese Vitiligo Association, vitiligo patients in our country is over 15000 thousands. Among these patients, children and teenager are of a higher proportion about 46.5% of the whole patients. Vitiligo greatly threatens their body health. Many parents find white spots on their children’s faces, and these white spots are of irregular shape with a smooth surface. When you touch it, you can find that these white spots feels no difference with normal skin. They suspect whether it is vitiligo.

First, most of the white spots on children’s face can be defined as vitiligo. If the white spots are light white or milk white, and the surface is smooth without scurf, and you have no feeling of pain and itch, and the boundary is fuzzy or has a tendency to spread, then it has a big possibility of vitiligo. The clinical data shows that, vitiligo spreading will seriously affect melanophore synthesis and metabolism, which means that most of white spots is the omen of vitiligo. The specific condition needs professional instruments checks to make a further diagnosis. And we suggest parents should take their kids to make early checks, lest delaying their condition and missing the optimal treatment time.

Second, what should you do if you are diagnosed with vitiligo? With the continuous rise of vitiligo morbidity and the development of disease group trend of younger age, the vitiligo ‘claws’ has spread to this vulnerale group- children. Clinic researches find that, there is a rapidly increasing tendency of vitiligo patients, among which, children vitiligo patients account for a big proportion. Vitiligo experts explain that, the onset of vitiligo on children has a great relation with their unstable neuroendocrine,low immunity, the deficiency of nutrition and bad defense to harmful environment.

Third, the treatment principle is healthy and green.

Experts point that children vitiligo patients are different from adult vitiligo patients. Their physical and mental development are not completely mature. Therefore, you should pay attention to healthy treatment. Try to avoid harm to their body. Avoid oral medicine and external medicine with hormone. Otherwise, these medicine can not treat the disease, and also bring children other diseases.

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