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The Priciples of Treating Various Stages Vitiligo

The principles of treating vitiligoHere are some principles to treating the vitiligo disease. The vitiligo can divide to stationary phase and development stage. The stage is different, so the principles also are different.

During the treatment, if don’t know about the stage vitiligo, we can not apply cream, and some external using drugs. The developing stage of vitiligo should focus on the internal treatment of the body, so that regulate the immunity function, neuroendocrine function. If the vitiligo patients have other systemic disease, for example, thyroid disease, diabetes, liver disease, it has to be treated together with the vitiligo.

During the developing stage, we must not have the strong sunshine and UV light. In case, it will worsen the loading of the melancytes, So that increasing the production of toxins from the melanin metabolic course. Meanwhile we also have to avoid applying some external intense irritant drugs together, for example, Fluorouracil, nitrogen mustard, psoralen, etc. in case it will cause local interaction. And damaging the melancytes and increasing the immune disorder. And it also will cause the white spot expanding and spreading.

For the stationary phase’s white spot, especially in the stationary phase of the white spot is smaller. It can considerate to use the external drugs. Meanwhile it needs to coordinate with the phototherapy.

The Chinese medical think the onset of the vitiligo is due to the feng block the Merdian-collateral. Our treatment focuses on the remove feng. After the long time injury, it will cause disorder of qi and blood, and the blood is congested, collaterals also are blocked. So after the long time, the disease will fuses to collaterals. Our treatment is to facilitate the circulation of the blood, and dissolve the congestion blood. It regulate the qi and open the collaterals, aeipathia, the deficiency of the liver and kidney, loss of the essence of blood. The dialectical thought is a good guidance and example for the treatment of vitiligo.

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