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The Western Treatment of Vitiligo

The western treatment of vitiligoThe western treatment has medicine treatment, and surgery treatment, and adjuvant therapy. In this article, I will introduce the western therapy briefly.

1)Medicine treatment:

Psoralen and ultraviolet a photochemical therapy (PUVA), Glucocorticoid hormone kellin plus ultraviolet A (UVA), phenylalanine plus UVA, melagenina, Immune regulatory agents, Decoloring treatment.

2)Surgical therapy

Self suction blister epidermal transplantation, autologous transplantation, autologous melanocyte migration, mixed skin transplantation, fluorouracil and skin grinding technique, micro staining method.

3)Adjuvant therapy (use of spectrum sunscreen)

Even all these methods have some effects in treating vitiligo, but it has a lot of severe side effects. So we have to apply the methods according to the condition of the patient. The Self suction blister epidermal transplantation have been applied in recent years in China, and it show a good beginning in the treating of vitiligo, but the surgery have a strict complication. And it also need a further observation and evaluation in treating the generalized vitiligo and developing stage vitiligo.

According to the clinical findings from the home and aboard, the treat and treatment, effect rate is low in treating vitiligo. Besides, with the acceleration of industrialization process. environmental polluted severely, iiatrogenic, drug-induced disease. These factors will cause the morbidity of vitiligo increased by years. So treating the vitiligo become one of the goals for all vitiligo physicians.

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