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How The Skin Color Return to Nrmal For Vitiligo Patient

How The Skin Color Reture To Normal The color returning is depending on the follicle melancyte for those patients with vitiligo. As we all know, the vitiligo patient is very worried about the skin color return. In this article, I will elaborate how the skin color retunes for the vitiligo patient.

There are two kinds of activity for the human follicle melancytes. One is growing hair follicles parent material and the activitve infundibulum melanocyte, another kind is inactive melanocyte in the anagen hair follicles and hair root sheath. Skin lesions of vitiligo means we almost can not see any active melancytes in the white area. So the melanin will not form any more. The melanin regeneration is at outside of the hair follicle and the hair root sheath, the inactive’s melancytes are activated, divided, regenerated along the hair follicle upwards. When the melancytes reach the discolor skin surface, the vitiligo’s pigment will regenerate, so the white spot’s color will return to normal color.

The study shows that outside of hair follicle and the hair root sheath exist many sleeping mode temporary no function’s melancytes. It will become active under certain factor. It will provide a storage cavern for the melancytes regeneration. This will explain why the lip, phalangette, the palm part is difficulty to return the normal color. It’s because these part lack of the storage cavern for the melancytes.

Besides that, the melancytes will migrate to surrounding of the white spot. It is also an important reason to return the normal color for the vitiligo patient. Those melancytes migrate to the white spot skin surface; it will stay on the baser layer of the skin. It comes into a skin melanin unit with the keratin to maintain the normal color for the skin.

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