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How Does The Vitiligo Patients Make Friends With Others?

contro your emotionThere is no doubt that the interpersonal relationship is the most significant issue for the vitiligo patient in daily life. This article also introduce some methods how to control their emotion in order to have a good relationship with others.

Vitiligo patient always worried they are no more attractive in front of their friends, partner, and spouse. In fact, many cases have showed the vitiligo won’t affect the relationship among friends, partners, and spouse. Thus, for the vitiligo patient, they have to learn to express their feeling. It is very important to communicate with your friends. There also is another way to promote personal charisma, pay more attention to their hair, and do some exercise, keep teeth clean and neat. Than the others won’t focus more on them skin. What’s more, the psychologist’s advice is very important for that to cope the interpersonal relationship.

Most impotently is how to control them emotion.

The vitiligo always occurs on the exposure part of body, especially the white spot is on the head, and it affects the appearance seriously. It will affect the vitiligo patient psychologically severely. So here are some methods how to manage the negative emotion in order to have a good relationship with others.

1. Consciousness adjustment. The people’s consciousness can adjust the intense and occurrence of emotion, generally, if the vitiligo patient can clearly aware of the root of causing emotion to change. They can adjust their emotion more effectively.

2. Language adjustment. The language is the most effective tool in affecting the emotional experience and the expression. The language can restrain or arouse the emotional react. The vitiligo is not an incurable disease. It can be treat, and quite a few vitiligo patients can be treat completely, the most of the vitiligo patient also have various degrees improvement, only few patients have a poor effect during the treatment. But In another words, receiving the treatment always is better than give up.

3. Attention transfer: transfer your attention from the negative emotion to other aspects, and compatible work, humorous language, suitable joking, and the harmony surrounding, all these factors have a positive significance to stop the developing of vitiligo and facilitate the treatment for vitiligo patient.

4. Action transfer: transfer emotion to the power of action, it means devote yourself to study the science, culture, work, drawing etc.

5. Release technique: to say out the unfair things, or unhappy things in order to release the nervous function.

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