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The Security of Protopic for Vitiligo Treatment

The medicine for vitiligoWe know that the protopic topical can be used for vitiligo patient, and how is the security of the protopic topical. This article will introduce some common knowledge of the protopic.

Protopic have a good tolerance when it applied on local skin in treating vitiligo, the protopic can use for 2 years age or above the 2 years age. But the applied area should less than 20% of whole surface skin, the longer of the course of the treatment the better of the effect. When the treatment course more than 6 months, it should be used with other medication intermittently. Using protopic will not affect the synthesis of the collagen, so it will not lead to the skin atrophy. It is good to use protopic on such areas, for example eyelid, and perineum, Brest, folds area. Compared with the glucocorticoid, this is one of the advantages of using protopical.

The trade name of pimecrilimus cream is alimta, it is the second line of the medication of treating the atopic dermatitis. The clinical trial has showed that external using pimecrilimus will not cause the skin atrophy. It can be safely use on the faciocervical and folds area. It will not absorbed too much by the skin layer, and there are no side effect for external using pimecrolimus. At the early stage using the pimecrolimus intermittently will reduce the occurrence of possibility of atopic dermatitis.

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