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The Main Causes of Vitiligo

The cause of vitiligoThe caused of vitiligo is various, according the clinical findings and test. We find it is very common for the vitiligo patients have this phenomenon which the melanin is less or no production by the melancytes. The main causes including eight points, the first one is the self- obstruction of the melancytes. The second one is the Endocrine factor. The third factor is psycho neural factor and the chemical factor. The fourth factor is the autoimmunity factor. The fifth factor is free radical damaged factor. The sixth is the skin oxidative stress factor. The seventh is lack of the tyrosinase and copper relatively. The eight factor is genetic and infectious and other factors.

The adolescent population is the high risk getting vitiligo.

Based on the various researches, we have found that the adolescents have the higher chances of getting the vitiligo than the adults. Abundant clinical date has showed that adolescents are easier to get vitiligo. Because of their nervous system and endocrine system haven’t stable yet during the physical and mental development stage. In addition, the adolescents may easily affected by the immunity and nutrition and environment. That’s the reason why the adolescent’s probability is higher than the adults.

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