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The Best Treatment Season for Vitiligo

The Best Treatment Season for VitiligoVitiligo is a kind of skin disease without subjective symptom. When people have an onset of this disease, they even don’t know they get vitiligo. Patients usually have a realize of it when their white spots spread. Because vitiligo is very hard to be treated, patients must persist on the treatment, especially in winter. Winter is the best treatment time for vitiligo.

Experts introduce that vitiligo lesion is local depigmentation, presenting milk white and human hair can also become white. It is a common acquired depigmentation skin disease. It normally appears on face, neck, back hand, and waist. Vitiligo has seasonality. Generally speaking, the condition may be light in winter. The onset and development of vitiligo will not change with the change of season. But relatively speaking, vitiligo spreads very fast in summer and spring. It may have relation with the strong irradiation of sunlight in these two seasons. People will wear less clothes and the exposed skin will be more touched with ultraviolet ray, which will lead to the onset and development of vitiligo. However, just this small factor can not represent that all vitiligo patients’ vitiligo spreads faster in summer and spring than that in winter and autumn.

Why we say that winter is that best season for vitiligo treatment? The main reason is that people wear more in winter and it can play a important role in covering human skin. When people go outside, apart from face and hand skin, skin on other positions can be covered by clothes. From the appearance, vitiligo patients have no difference with normal people. Therefore, this will relieve patients’ mental pressure and alleviate patients’ anxiety. It can benefit vitiligo treatment.

Of course, vitiligo patients must pay more attention to daily life in winter. Because winter is very cold, patient must protect their skin to avoid chilblain and trauma and other isomorphic reaction. From the above phenomenon, we can see that the advantage of vitiligo treatment in winter is adjusting patients’ psychology.

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