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The Efficacy of Glucocoticoid Treat Vitiligo

glucocoticoid Glucocoticoid therapy can be divided to systemic and local application in treating the vitiligo. The efficacy is related with the type of vitiligo, and course, the period, location, and age. The efficacy of generalized type vitiligo is better than the segmental vitiligo type. The localized type of vitiligo and the sporadic vitiligo have a good effect of using glucocorticoid in the generalized vitiligo type.

From the period of the disease: efficacy of developing period vitiligo is better than the stabilized period vitiligo.

From the course of the vitiligo: the shorter the course, the better the effect. According to the clinical observation, when the course of the vitiligo is more than seven years, the vitiligo may improve after medical treatment, but it may not totally recover.

For different site of the vitiligo, the white spot at the exposure parts have a better effect than the covered part. The facial exposure part is easily to treat. But the distal of the hands and feet, the axillaries, the waistband perineum part, and some oppression or abrasion area is difficulty to treat. The children with vitiligo are sensitive to the glucocorticoid, the efficacy is better than the adults.

According to the comprehensive domestic reports, systemic application of the glucocorticoid treat all the types of vitiligo, the effective proportion is from 74% to 90%, the obvious effective proportion is from27.5 to 50%. For external use of glucocorticoid, the effective proportion is from 56% to 90%. Obvious effective proportion is from 20% to 60%. The difference of the effective may be related to the chosen cases, cases of each group, the season of the treatment, the medications etc.

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