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Harm of Vitiligo to Women

stressThe vitiligo is a common skin disease, it have a great harm to the patient, especially for the women. This article will introduce some common knowledge for the vitiligo patient. I hope this article will help all of them.

Because the pigment cells apoptosis, it leads to the death of the pigment in the skin. So the skin is difficulty to resist the ultraviolet light to go through skin. So the skin easily to get damage and Lead to some diseases such as photosensitive dermatitis etc.

The beauty is more and more important In current society, vitiligo will have a negative influence to the patient’s school work, career, and marriage etc. and these serious problems will lead to a psychology problems for vitiligo patient. Medical research has confirmed that the women have the higher morbidity than the normal person. If the vitiligo involve in the sclera, when the pigment reduced, the patient may have the risk of getting cataract and other disease of the eyes. If the women didn’t get the treatment on time, it will be further developed s generalized vitiligo in some large area. It will lead to the poor perspiration, and poor cellular metabolism. It may cause other disease of body.

The vitiligo may happen any where of the skin, if the vitiligo is at the exposure part of body, it will affect the image. It even affect the daily life and daily work, it will harm the heart of the vitiligo patient. It disturbs the normal life of vitiligo patient, so it will cause many stress to them.

When the vitiligo more badly, the more stress they have. The mental strain may worse the patient’s condition.

So we have to educate the women vitiligo patient should have a treatment as soon as possible.

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