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The Relationship Between Vitiligo and Microelement

Vitiligo is a common ailment characterized by acquired localized or generalized depigmentation patches.The cause and pathogenesis of this disease has not been explained clear yet.However,it shows that excessive or deficient amount of certain trace elements can directly or indirectly induce vitiligo.Based on numerous papers,this review gives a summary for recent research progress on relationship between trace elements and vitiligo.

Trace element The most microelement in the human being, it not only participate the catalyze function of enzyme system, but also participate all kinds of the metabolism to maintain the normal physiological function. Some of the trace elements although do not take part of enzyme activity, but it is important ingredient to maintain the enzyme molecule to have the activity construction. So it is also indispensible part in the body. Trace elements play a important role in human body.

According to the scholars’ determination and a large amount of the data and reports indicate that the content of the copper and zinc is lower in the skin and body of vitiligo patients than the normal people. In the test of copper oxidase large number of vitiligo patients we found the activity of serum copper oxidase is decreased obviously for the ordinary type vitiligo. So lack of copper element may be one of the pathogenesis for the ordinary type vitiligo.

Research shows that part of the metal ions will have different effect to the process of melanin self oxidation rate of the oxidation of hydrogen. So the trace element target to the vitiligo possibly be first affect the synthesis of the melanin, secondly affect the self oxidation of melanin.

Even though some of the vitiligo will have the symptom like trace element decreased, but when patients replenish some trace element. Most of them will not see any effect. This indicates that lack of the trace element is not the main reason for the vitiligo disease. It may be companion or secondary vitiligo. so the vitiligo patient should not replenish the trace element blindly. The right path is to go to the standard hospital have a diagnoses and treatment.

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