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Treating Vitiligo With Traditional Chinese Medicine

Treating Vitiligo With Traditional Chinese medicineVitiligo is a common and acquired pigment loss skin disease, in traditional Chinese medicine, it is also called white patches, means that there are multiple vary sized round or oval white patches with clear and dark margin. Recent research shows that besides skin, vitiligo also can involve in eyes, ears, etc. And it can happen to people at any age, of any gender or race, of which youth between 20-30 is very common. Generally speaking, morbidity is about 1-4%, and it intends to increase in recent years. Vitiligo usually occurs to wrinkles and exposed area which is difficult to diagnose and treat and affects appearance. At present, there isn’t satisfactory therapy at home and abroad, however, traditional Chinese medicine has long history and rich experiences in theory of vitiligo treatment.

And according to the theory of trational Chinese medicine, vitiligo happens because of complicated causes, mainly because of imbalanced yin and yang, as well as immune disorder. So, according to different condition, traditional Chinese medicine doctors will make diagnosis according to syndrome differentiation, generally speaking, there are several principles, like treat internally and externally at the same time, or treat the local lesion through external therapies through regulate qi, blood and yin and yang, or elminate pathogens,etc.

So, patients should first see experienced doctors and run necessary tests and be examined by doctors carefully so that they can get definte diagnosis and have the disease treated accordingly in order to get good outcome.

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