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How Is The Effect Of Laser Treatment for Vitiligo Patients

laser treatment for vitiligoMany vitiligo patients are asking about this question: whether laser can treat vitiligo or not. We all know that vitiligo is a kind of stubborn skin diseases. The pathogenesis of vitiligo comes from the internal body. Vitiligo can not only treat vitiligo, but also become an very important and effective treatment method for vitiligo. Nowadays, vitiligo has been studied for many years and is gradually becoming more mature. So, what is the effect of laser therapy?

About laser treatment, experts point that it is suitable for vitiligo patients whose vitiligo is on whole body. For vitiligo patients whose vitiligo is just of small area, they may can choose autologous epidermal grafting according to their specific vitiligo condition. Besides laser treatment to treat vitiligo, vitiligo patients can also choose autologous epidermal grafting to reach the purpose of treatment. It means taking normal skin on healthy position to lesion positions. This method is just suitable for vitiligo of small area. What method should vitiligo patients apply for depends on the doctor’s suggestions after judgment.

Some lasers, such as argon ion laser and helium-hydrogen laser can launch effective wavelength of ultraviolet light to treat vitiligo. Although its effect is much stronger than black light irradiation, it should be combined with medication treatment for local positions or the whole body. Then the effect will be improved. By the targeted irradiation on nidus position to achieve the adjustment for immunity system. Then laser treatment can better reduce the destruction for melanophore from all kinds of immunity cells. Finally laser treatment will help to make melanophore recover to be normal. Because of irradiation, laser treatment can achieve good effect in a short time. Therefore, for some vitiligo patients, laser treatment can make vitiligo patients get a rapid cure.

The biggest advantage for laser treatment is the rapid and enduring effect. The course of 308 excimer laser treatment can reach two weeks or four weeks. The pigment regeneration degree is better than other treatment. For most vitiligo patients, there will be pigment recovery on hands and feet lesion positions. And on the back of hands, there will also be pigment recovery. Therefore, 308 excimer laser may become the most effective and safe therapy for vitiligo.

The symptom of vitiligo is generally obvious and the characteristic is special. Generally speaking, there will be pure or irregular depigmentation spots. And the appearance will be smooth and the boundary will be clear. And the symptoms of vitiligo is mainly the local skin becomes milk white. And some patients’ hair may become white as well or just keep normal color. If vitiligo happens on face, and the onset time of vitiligo is short, and the area is not big, and timely treatment will get very good effect.

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