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Vitiligo Examinations Before Treatment

vitiligo examinationsVitiligo is a very complicated skin disease , before treatment, you should do careful examinations and then do treatment and take proper medicine. Here are some necessary checks before treating vitiligo.

First, ultrastructural examination. The change of melanophore, keratinocyte, langerhans cells all require ultrastructural examination to get a conclusion.

Second, thyroid T3, T4 examination. The checks of T3,T4 and TSH in vitiligo patients’ serum show that vitiligo patient’s T4 will increase. And in activity period, their T4 are higher than that in stable period. The change of thyroid has great relationship with the onset of vitiligo. This examination are very meaningful in clinic to judge whether patients’ vitiligo is in stable period or development period.

Third, urine catecholamine examination. If human body are suffered from pressure and psychentonia for a long time, it will lead to the adrenal medulla secret excessive epinephrine and noradrenaline and other negative hormones, which will inhabit the melanophore function and make melanophore generation barrier. Epinephrine and noradrenaline are called catecholamine hormones. These hormones can be expelled from human body to outside by kidney. By doing this examination, patients can better know about vitiligo patients’ spirit state.

Forth, mental examination. The common origin of skin and nervous system determine the relationship between psychological factor and skin. Vitiligo is seen as autoimmunity function disorder disease. Catecholamine and 5-hydroxytryptamine’s metabolism products will directly affect depigmentation. Worry, depression and relevant symptoms play an very important role . Spirit and nerve spirit are very important for vitiligo onset and development. Therefore, mentality is an important inevitable pathogenic factor.

There are also other examinations should be attention, such as serum ceruloplasmin, serum immunoglobulin, serum antibody of melanocyte and etc.

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