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Surgery Treatment for Vitiligo

skin grafting The most morbidity of vitiligo is caused by the stress, and trauma, infection, immunity decreased, and disorder of the endocrine and genetic factors. The early treatment is the key to cure the vitiligo. There are many treatment methods applicable in treating vitiligo, such as the medication, phototherapy, skin transplantation etc, we recommended that use autologous melanocytes implantation therapy, and we suggest that do not apply some medication blindness.

Skin grafting

Normal skin is used as donor tissue and then grafts are surgically transplanted on areas of vitiligo. The new skin grafts start producing pigment. In this procedure, melanocytes and keratinocytes (the cells of the top layer of skin) are obtained surgically under local anesthesia from the patient and then grown in a culture in the lab overnight. Once grown, the cells are then placed or applied on the skin’s vitiligo patches. Melanocyte transplants have a very high success rate of 95 percent.

The surgery has a high success rate in treating vitiligo. The advantage of this treatment is the duration of treatment time is short, the effect can show very fast. But in practice there are many unsatisfied things happen. 1) The result will be affected by the surgeon’s technical proficiency 2) the success rate is affected by the aseptic practice, once there are any contaminations during the operation. It means the operation is failed. 3) There always have some difference between the transplanted skin and the normal skin in the color and texture. 4) For those patients who have keloid may appear some hypertrophic keloid during the operation. 5) The surgery treatment is not applicable for the developing period and large area vitiligo.

The best treatment of vitiligo is the GX-B melanin cultivation technique. It will show effect very fast. This technique adopts the method of autologous melanocytes repairmen. It will have a synergistic effect for vitiligo. it not only have a instant effect to the silent period and localized period vitiligo, but also have a excellent effect to control the acute developing period, and generalized vitiligo. This comprehensive treatment can prevent the vitiligo relapse.

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