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How to Use Tacalcitol for Vitiligo?

how to use tacalcitol for vitiligo patientVitiligo is a disease that causes the loss of skin color in blotches. It may affect hair, the inside of the mouth and even the eyes. According the clinical study that narrow-band ultraviolet B (NB-UVB) phototherapy and the combination of vitamin D3 tacalcitol can use to treat the vitiligo.

Tacalcitol Ointment is a kind of active vitamin D3 preparations, we need apply it twice a day, observe the effect after one month. The tacalcitol will advance the regenerate time of the original pigment. From the second month, pigment’s regeneration is increase obviously. So for those patients who have a poor effect result or slow effect we can combine the tacalcitol and other treatment methods in order to improve the efficacy of treatment, and accelerate the regenerate of the pigment. And for the sensitive part lesion on body, tacalcitol is safe and effective to those adults or children have serious adverse effect to glucocorticoid and psoralen long wave ultraviolet therapy.

Tacalcitol combine the narrow band ultraviolet (NB-UVB) therapy can accelerate the effect, and shorten the course of treatment, decrease the accumulation of the NB-UVB dosage and side effect. Firstly, we have to apply the tacalcitol equably and thinly on the vitiligo, and than the patient will receive the NB-UVB irradiation treatment after the thirty minutes. The beginning of the local irradiation dosage is 0.5J/cm2,for the whole body irradiation is 0.4/cm2; we need to be irradiate the vitiligo part twice a day, the dosage need to increased 0.1j/cm2 every time. If there are any symptoms like mild erythemas or itchiness on the vitiligo area, just maintain the dosage amount until the symptoms disappear. If there remain some painful erythemas or blister, we irradiate the local skin until the symptoms disappear, the irradiation amount can reduce 20%. The highest amount of irradiation is up to 3.0J/cm2. the facial and cervical region are most sensitive to the treatment, the effect is the best, the trunk is not good as the facial area. The hands and the foot treatment effect are poor.

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