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The Wrong Treatment is More Terrible Than no Treatment for Vitiligo.

The wrong treatment is more terrible. Vitiligo can not be cure all at once. The treatment need time to show the effect. It is very important to have a right treatment method.

The wrong treatment is terrible than no treatmentHere are some relevant vitiligo informations from the specialist vitiligo Li congyou of Hua bei zhong ke traditional Chinese medical vitiligo hospital in Beijing of China. We judge whether the treatment medication is effective or not for vitiligo patient, at least it needs to take about 2-3 months to see the effect. During the treatment, some of the patients heard that certain special medication can treat the vitiligo, so they just change the medication randomly. Such a practice way will compromise the recovery of the disease.

(1)Any kind of the therapy or medication in treating the vitiligo, it starts with the exploratory in the beginning period of treating for any disease.

(2) The medication use to treat the vitiligo usually shows effect especially on the later period course of treatment. Suddenly stop the treatment or change medication certainly will affect the results of the treatment. Once the changed medication no significant effect, it will affect the confidence of the patient.

We combine the Chinese medicine and western medicine in terms of applying the cream in local skin and combine the whole treatment method, but usually apply the cream is priority choice.

Generally we apply the external cream. The small area white spot we usually to apply some cream from the principle. After the treatment finished, we will consider about if continue this cream according the effect. For the generalized and developing period vitiligo, especially for the rapid developed vitiligo at the stress state, we will apply the Chinese medicine and western medicine, mean time with some orally intake medication or injection therapy in order to control the vitiligo spreading at a short time. The orally intake medicine is determined by the patient’s condition, and they should listen the doctor’s order.

In the treatment of vitiligo, I have to remind all the patients with vitiligo, there are different types, location, period for vitiligo disease, the vitiligo’s area, and health condition is different for every patient. Whichever method you are using, you should look for an accurate and fitful treatment for your disease, in order to reach a good treatment result. We have to excrete out the toxins melanin, and activate the tyrosinase first.

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