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What Should Women Do To Prevent Vitiligo

What should women do to prevent vitiligoVitiligo is a common acquired local or generalized skin depigmentation disease. It is aroused by the deficiency of melanophore function, which can occur on every parts of human body. The common positions are back, wrist, forearm, face, genitals and around genitals, neck and etc.

Skin is the organization outside of muscle, and it is the biggest organ of human body. It is responsible for perspiring, protecting internal body, feeling temperature and pressure. Many unpredictable factors will arouse vitiligo. And this stubborn skin disease will greatly damage human skin and personal image, especially for women. In daily life, there are many methods to prevent the onset of vitiligo.

So how to prevent the onset of vitiligo?

First, there are many methods for women to prevent vitiligo. First of all, cultivate a good living habit. In peacetime, you should ensure enough sleeping time, and go to bed on time. Sleep is the key to restore and regulate human body. As a result, you should avoid staying up too late. The deficiency of sleep time will decrease immunity and induce vitiligo. So it will be better for women to ensure at least eight’s sleep. Besides, be careful to use some cosmetic, especially the cosmetics contains high chemistry and has strong whitening effect. These cosmetics will lead to damage to human skin. Therefore, women should choose natural cosmetics.

Second, women should have a reasonable. Don’t lose weight unduly. It will easily lead to malnutrition. Therefore, you should pay attention to matching meat and vegetables, supplementing trace elements, such as copper, calcium, zinc and iron and etc. Avoid spicy food, such as pepper, fennel, garlic. Don’t eat too much greasy food. Keep balanced nutrition.

Third, strengthen physical exercise. You can do some morning exercise and walk after meal. Exercise can enhance blood circulation, massage muscles and bones, and increase immunity. So jog, walk, climbing, yoga are all good choices for women. They are beneficial to physical and mental health.

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