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CAS and Three Dimensions Therapy in Treating Vitiligo

CAS and dimension therapy in treating vitiligoAutologous melancytes planting surgery in the periously only planting the melancytes. The clinically result is poor, the patients are not satisfied with the treatment, the patients are not satisfied with the operability and repeatability of this technology. After many years exploration, some of the vitiligo authority specialist has studied Unit cell couplet body successfully. The short form of this technology is called CAS. And CAS has a strong operability and repeatability. The patient’s satisfied rate is increased to 96.78%. CAS technology abandon the traditional melancytes planting technology, instead they cultivate and plant the melancytes langerhans cells, keratinocytes together. This treatment greatly increases the rate of recovery for vitiligo patient, and it will not left any scar after the treatment. It is a gospel for those patients who engage in the entertainment and diplomacy workers.

Applied the artificial biological wave technological act on the three dimentional system. The three dimensions is neuron system, endocrine system, immunity system which will directly reach the intestine ion channel. Through dredging the copper ion passage at the epidermis of small intestines, so the three dimensions will get balanced. And greatly increase the absorptivity of the copper ions. This method have been verify by the clinical, it prevent the liver and kidney for those who have a long term used medication, it can reach the goals to treat the vitiligo for adolescent patients. It is honoured as a green therapy in clinical.

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