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The Two Methods Used to Treat Vitiligo

The Two methods used to treat vitiligoToday I will introduce the two methods in treating the vitiligo. The first method is the heliotherapy, and second method is the dormant melancytes activation technology.

We provide the appropriate spectrum treatment to patient according to the patient’s tolerance and the adaptability to the spectrum. We also make use of the water which has different temperature, pressure, soluble quality. Which will react to the human body in a combine way. They will add in the different proportion mixture medication according to the condition of the patients, so the water and light will stimulate the element of inside medications, make it to react to the diseased region. It will achieve the goals of treating the vitiligo.

The dormant melancytes activation technology

We can say that the melancytes is generalized exist inside the tissues and organ, only the epidermis basal layer’s melancytes are activated, the other melancytes is on the dormant state. Skin’s corium layer, hair follicle, and small sweet gland opening content a quite amount of the dormant state melancytes. We are using the melancytes activated therapy in clinical, it will make the dormant state melancytes of the diseased region activate for the vitiligo patient. The melancytes will secrete the normal melancytes particles under the effect of the keratinocyte. At the mean time, the activated melancytes will migrate to the white spot area. The speed of the melancytes and the amount of the secretion of the melanin is related to the patient’s age. The clinical found that the adolescent’s vitiligo patients have a better effect using this therapy than the older people. The born of this dormant melancytes activation technology, reduce the course of treatment, accelerate the secreting of the melancytes, it’s the best choice for the vitiligo patients.

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