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vITILIGO TREATMENTVitiligo is an idiopathic, acquired form of skin disorder that occurs when melanocytes die or become nonfunctional. Although the etiology of vitiligo is unknown, the role of autoimmunity and genetic factors are currently more suspected. The presence of serum autoantibodies targeting the melanocytes surface antigens and existence of a large number of T cells specific for melanocyte antigens in vitiligenous lesions suggests an autoimmune etiology. Here are some ways to treat the vitiligo.

· Topical treatments can be used for the vitiligo patients. The cream can be directly applied on the skin. The steroid creams are applied once a day, it depends the condition of the patient’s skin condition. But these medications are not always effective. and you should be caution when you use this kind of medication, it may cause the skin cancer and the lymphoma.

· Ultraviolet B light treatment can be effective for treating vitiligo in many patients. but this treatment need to repeat very often. The side effect is pain, swelling, and the risk of skin cancers.

· Psoralen plus ultraviolet A light treatment (commonly called PUVA) causes slightly more pronounced side effects than ultraviolet B light therapy, but it is another effective way to treat vitiligo. Psoralens are drugs that cause skin to darken when they react with ultraviolet A light. They can be applied as a cream or taken as pills. After the psoralen medicine is used, you are exposed to ultraviolet light. PUVA treatment is not for pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding or children younger than 10. There is also an increased risk of skin cancers.

· Oral medicines that suppress your immune system can sometimes allow normal pigment to return. For people who have large skin areas involved, oral steroids sometimes are used instead of steroids applied to the skin. This treatment is seldom used because of potential side effects of oral steroids.

· Skin grafting removes normal skin from less visible areas and uses this skin to replace white areas in places where the person has the most cosmetic concerns.

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