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How to Decrease Vitiligo Heritability for Vitiligo Parents

How to decrease vitiligo heritability for vitiligo parentsAs for vitiligo, we all know that vitiligo has huge damage and is hard to be cured. Thus, vitiligo is also called a kind of stubborn skin disease. Therefore, many vitiligo patients are worried that whether their vitiligo will inherit to the next generation if their vitiligo is not cured thoroughly. Many patients want to know the question ‘how to decrease vitiligo heritability’.

First, positively cooperate with doctors to treat vitiligo. Vitiligo has certain inherited tendency. Although the genetic probability is low, it can inherit. The best method to avoid vitiligo inheritance is to treat vitiligo timely and effectively under the guidance of professional doctors. You can procreate after your vitiligo be cured, which can effectively decrease the genetic risk to your children.

Second, you should avoid your vitiligo pathogenic period when you want to have a baby. In this pathogenic period, your various systemic function is unstable. Besides, you still need to do some treatment and take some medicines, which will directly or indirectly affect children’ physical development. And it will bring harmful consequences to children. So experts suggest young parents to have a baby after your vitiligo be cured, and you can try your best to decrease the inheritance possibility.

Third, children who has inheritance background should positively care the body. Although vitiligo can inherit, only inheritance can not lead to the onset of vitiligo. Generally speaking, with the combined action of inheritance and external environment, vitiligo can occur. Therefore, these children should pay attention to self care and nurse in daily life. Avoid strong sunlight, mental stimulation. Cultivate scientific dietary habit and good living habit. And avoid trauma to prevent vitiligo. Once your skin becomes abnormal, you should go to normal hospital to do some examinations timely.

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