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How To Treat Vitiligo

How to treat vitiligo In this article, I will introduce one of the therapies is called photochemical therapy, the modern phototherapy mainly consist of the photochemical therapy, laser therapy, and UV therapy etc. the phototherapy as a method in treating the vitiligo. The phototherapy has been widely applied in many kind of the skin disease. And it has a significant effect.

The photochemical therapy is use the photosensitive agent and irradiated by the UV at mean time. The traditional PUVA therapy is to use the photosensitive agent 8-MOP or take orally, at the same time irradiate with the long wave (UVA). It has a long history to use the UV light to treat the skin disease. They are mostly use the photochemical therapy in treating the vitiligo at the 1970 s. the traditional phototherapy include long-wave ultraviolet and psoralen, the short term of this therapy is called (PUVA),based on the way of using psoralen, It divides systemic photochemical therapy and local photochemical therapy.

(1) Systemic PUVA therapy: this therapy is adaptable to the generalized vitiligo or local treatment is not effective. PUVA have some potential problem to the children, we are not suggest use this therapy when the age is below 12. When adult use this therapy, the amount of the UVA should according to pigmentation of the skin and the sensitivity of the skin.

(2) Local PUVA therapy; this therapy applied local vitiligo the lesion range is small and the amount of white patches is less.

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