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Precautions for Vitiligo Medication

Vitiligo is a kind of common disease which bothers vitiligo patients a lot. And we suggest that once you find that you have vitiligo, you should go to specialized hospital for scientific treatment. And medication is usually chosen for vitiligo treatment. And there are various medicine. So, patients can not take medicine unreasonably, but follow doctor’s advises, because unreasonable medication can not work effectively, what is worse, it may also make the condition even worse or even threaten the life safety.

At present, incidence of vitiligo is increasing, and became a very common social problem. So patients can not take medicine unreasonably in order to prevent deterioration. So, what are the precautions for vitiligo treatment?

First, Make individualized treatment plan according to patient’s specific condition to avoid resistance and tolerance to drug due to uneffective medication and delay treatment.

Second, treat the disease in multi-dimensions, including internal medication, external radiation, melanophore restore, etc. in order to treat and prevent vitiligo effectively.

Thirdly, use treatment plan to treat the disease from internal to external, which works very soon on limited vitiligo at stationary phase, at the same time, it is also very effective in controlling generalized vitiligo at acute onset.

There are different ways to treat vitiligo and various medicine, but the patients should take different treatment and medicine according to their specific causes. So, they should go to specialized hospital and work together with their doctors, and they should not eat or eat less irritating food and develop good living habits too.

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