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How to Prevent Vitiligo on Hands

How to Prevent Vitiligo on HandsAs a kind of pigment loss skin disease, vitiligo usually shows at the exposed parts, like limbs, face, neck as well, etc. which will affect patient’s appearance greatly, so knowing the information how to prevent vitiligo can help maintain healthy. So, how to prevent vitiligo on hands?

First, experts said that prevention of vitiligo on hand should firstly lies in avoiding trauma, because trauma will lead to damage of melanophore, and affect the normal production of melanin, causing vitiligo. So, we should handle the cut, burnt, wound or mosquito bite in time in order to prevent vitiligo.

Second, reduce the chances to touch chemicals which can lead to pigment loss, like phenolic compound, which can selectively damage melanophore. So, during daily life, avoid touching sanitizer, rubber products which contain phenolic compound. And workers who are engaged in such jobs should take action to prevent it and strictly follow the operation instruction.

Finally, avoid sunshine exposure. Hands are the parts of our body which are exposed for almost all the time, so they will be radiated by ultraviolet, so, we should pay attention to it and expose hands reasonably to prevent elimination of melanophore due to ultraviolet exposure.

Since ancient times, our hands have been enjoying the good fame of diligent, and we can’t do things without our hands. So, in order to maintain its maximal value and let them go on with their contribution, we should remember the tips to prevent vitiligo and keep them healthy.

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