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The Methods That We are Using to Treat Vitiligo

The methods that we are using to treat vitiligo

The pathogeneses of vitiligo is complicated. There are many types of this skin disease, such as the generalized type or segmental type. Different patient have the different reaction to certain drugs. Sometimes it’s not enough only to use the cream, it also depending on how is the white patches look like. There are some common methods that we are using in clinical.

The western medical: western medicine treatment merely

The Traditional Chinese treatment merely

Combine the eastern and western treatment

External or orally intake medicine

surgical treatment

phototherapy and photochemical therapy

From the treatment result, we can see that the combination of the eastern treatment and western treatment, combine local and systemic treatment method is the best way in treating vitiligo. What we need to be noticed is for the small area of vitiligo, the main method we are using is to applying some cream, especially for the small area’s lesion. If it is generalized vitiligo, or the white patches spread fastly in a short period, you should also take some medication orally and combine some medical instrument to control the disease. So we can combine the psoralen and the UV light. I will only briefly introduce this therapy. However I suggest you should seek a professional solution. Psoralen is belongs to Furocoumarine species, psoralen derivate from phototoxic agents, it can not produce melanin directly. It will produce the photochemical effect when absorbe the UV light. This medication is the early application in treating vitiligo. The first one is protopic will increase the efficacy of the UV light to skin. The density of the melancytes will increase in the epidermis. The protopic will make melanin oxidize. And make it spread to other part of skin. Secondly, It will destroy sulfhydryl compounds of skin because inflammatory reaction. Stimulating the activity of the tyrosinase, it leads to the formation and transportation of the melanin in time. Thirdly, stimulate the keratin to form cells and release some melanin cells factors, making the rest of the melancytes inside epidermis or follicle hair regenerate. Fourth, prevent the vitiligo relevant antibody expressing, so the melancytes will not be destroyed.

For those patient’s vitiligo is caused by the depression, we have to conduct a psychological counseling. The purpose is to help them have a better treatment result.

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