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Does Vitiligo Patients Need to Take Medication for A Long Time

vitiligo Many vitiligo patients ask whether they need to take medicines for a long time or not. Aiming at this question, we will give some detailed introductions.

Vitiligo is a chronic skin disease, which requires patients to persistently take medicines for long time. But, many vitiligo patients find that, when they take medicines at the initial stage, the treatment effect is very good.But if they eat medicines for long time, the pharmacological effect will be not as good as the previous effects. And they may feel these medicines are not effective any more.In fact, if vitiligo patients eat medications for long-term, their bodies will have drug resistance.The main reason is some medicines will be affected by the drug metabolic enzyme in human liver. When vitiligo medications blend into blood and the lesion positions, it can pay some effects in a certain drug concentrations. However, the medications will be resolved and destroyed under the effect of hepatic microsomal enzyme. And at this time, the medications effect will decrease.

To avoid the above phenomenon, doctors will make specific treatment plans according to the patients’ vitiligo condition and physical fitness, and then decide the medication types and doses. At the same time, doctors will make relevant adjustment according to patients’ situation of medication. It also avoid excessive drug doses to damage patients’ health or insufficient quantity of medication not reach good treatment effect.

At the same time, we want to inform patients that most vitiligo medications will be effective in the middle period of course, if you give up treatment or change to other medications, it will surely affect the treatment effect. Once the new medication you use is no use, it will greatly affect patients’ confidence. Therefore, vitiligo patients can not change medication casually or stop medication, lest decreasing medication effect.

Vitiligo treatment should persist on proper treatment, persistent treatment, comprehensive treatment, systematic treatment. If vitiligo patients want to remove their white spots on their skin, they should persist on treatment. Give up half way can not reach treatment effect. At the same time, you should pay attention to combining various treatment methods. When you apply internal medicines and injection treatment, you should choose laser and surgery treatment, and pay attention to traditional Chinese medication adjustment. Assist with dietary and spirit treatment. Comprehensive treatment can reach better treatment. For vitiligo patients, they no need to take medication for a long term. But vitiligo patients can stop medication after your skin gradually recovers to be normal color, and your vitiligo condition becomes stable, and after one year normal color, you can stop medication. What’s more, you should treat vitiligo as soon as possible. Early vitiligo is usually easy to treat, don’t wait until your vitiligo aggravated. It will not only increase treatment difficulty, but also increase mental pressure and spirit burden.

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