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How is The Phototherapy’s Effect to Vitiligo Patient?

 How is the phototherapy’s effect?

We know that the vitiligo is a stubborn skin disease.the phototherapy is one of methods in treating vitiligo. Phototherapy definitive have some treatment effect in treating the vitiligo, but here are different opinions about this treatment, we consider about it from two aspects.

1. We evaluate the efficacy, psoralen, methoxypsoralen –mop have a different efficacy according to the reporters, effective rate varies from 30% to 60%, and the efficacy is related with these factors, the exposed area is easily to treat than the covered area of the body. The course of the disease is shorter, the effect is better. If the disease has been a long time, the effect result is poor or even not effective at all. It’s more difficulty to treat if the akin lesion area too large. You will see the effect after three weeks, or within three months, if there is still no regeneration of the melancytes after the three months, you should change the treatment methods. For those patients who using this medicine has the obvious effect it tends to rebound.

2. Photochemical therapy have some side effect, after taking the psoralen, the side effect of the psoralen are appetite decreasing, anemia, leucopenia, toxic hepatitis. We can avoid these symptoms by stop using medicine or reduce the dosage of the medicine. For the diabetes and liver disease or some photosensitive disease, such as Porphyrin, lupus erythematosus should avoid using photochemical therapy. Besides that, using the psoralen may cause the eye injury and further lead to the cataract. So you have to protect your eyes during the period taking medicine, so you should take this medicine in evening. Because of the evening have the low amount of UV light. what’s more, you better to follow up every month, and check your blood result, urine test, liver function. And inhibit using this drug for pregnancy and breast feeding women, diabetes and liver disease, cataract, photosensitive, and skin cancer, perineum part, or sensitive to the psoralen.

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