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Why Winter Has the Better Effect Treating Vitiligo?

Why winter have  better effect in treating  vitiligo

Many patients ask that does it necessary to treat the vitiligo in winter? Actually, the vitiligo patient has to seek for treatment actively. Some of the patients will stop treating their vitiligo when the clothes cover the white patches. When enter the winter, they think the white patches will stop to develop, so they will stop the treatment, in fact it is wrong.

Even In the winter we can not delay the treatment. Many patients have the wrong mindset and don’t have the comprehensive understanding to this disease. So they miss the best time of treating vitiligo. It leads to vitiligo become more serious than before. It further increases suffering of the patient. At the same time, it also casue the treatment more difficulty.

Treating vitiligo is a continuous process, the course of treatment is long, but the patient must have the confident to fight with the disease, insist on the treatment, do not interrupt randomly, and until they are totally recover.

Meanwhile, because of the weather is cold and dry in winter, the patient’s skin easily to irritate by the outer factors, temperature is very low in winte, So their skin easily to frostbiter. So it is critical to care of the skin in winter. The inappropriate wound treatment will induce infection of the wound site. It has a large influence to those patients have vitiligo. It even induce white patches start to develop. So vitiligo patients during the winter time must pay attention to protect skin, protect the skin from frostbite, and spreading.

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