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Traditional Medicine Fumigationin Treating Vitiligo

Traditional Medicine Fumigation method treat vitiligo As we all known that the vitiligo is a very stubborn disease. I will introduce the local traditional medicine fumigation machine introduction. And how does this machine works and help to treat the vitiligo.

Mechanism: according to the traditional medicine fumigation theory, this traditional fumigation machine is made by combining the modern technology. This machine controlled by the microcomputer, working model is as dual channel. It achieves the effect of treatment by using the synergistic effect among the hot medicine and the pressure. The heat can loose striae, open the hair pore, promoting blood circulation to remove meridian obstruction, Relaxing spasm of the muscles. Vaporized liquid molecules will eject to the patient’s skin under the effect of pressure. By the expansion of the pores and loosened skin, the molecules will penetrate to the lesion part of skin. It is not only beneficial to the absorption of the medication, but also have the treatment effect to the patient. The local traditional medicine fumigation is the best auxiliary treatment method that treating various types of vitiligo.

Indication: various type vitiligo.


Pregnant women and menstrual period women are for abdominal fumigation treatment, infectious disease, patient has the bleeding tendency, below 10 years old need to be accompanied by the family members.

Charge 20RMB every five minutes per times.

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