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The Light Energy Therapy Principles

The light energy therapy principlesThe light therapeutic apparatus adopts the international advanced technology and combines the extensive and profound traditional Chinese medicine. We use the light wave act directly on Shenque acupoint which is linked with the twelve meridians, and the internal organs of the body. The Shenque acupoint is also called belly button. It also has an effect to dredge the twelve meridians, ensure the blood circulation smoothly, regulate the internal organ function, promote the liver and kidney immunity function, improve the microcirculation of the internal body, and facilitate the local tissue metabolism effect. As the Shenque acupoint have an ability to conduce and absorb the medication to enter the organism under the effect of light energy. It also helps to absorption of the copper ions. This medical apparatus not only activate the keratinocyte and langerhans cell and tyrosinase active factor, but also repair the damaged melancytes make it fission and proliferation. Light energy apparatus also orientates and rapidly cures the vitiligo at one time. So it is favored by the large amount of the patients with vitiligo at clinic. More importantly, this therapeutic apparatus has solved these problems for vitiligo patient who get vitiligo for a long term and relapse vitiligo. It can be said to be a ‘miracle’ in the field of vitiligo treatment.

Light energy and the light conduction:

The light energy makes use of the infrared to produce the light energy,It play a role of absorption and conducting for acupoints. The light energy is very great, you will feel warm during the treatment,It’s because the infrared light play a very important role to generate the energy. The light energy treatment mainly uses light energy and the traditional Chinese medicine. It improve the internal environment effectively and dredge the meridian Through the acupoint absorb the medicine. Finally it will control the spreading of vitiligo. The conduction of this light energy import the Chinese medicine by the shenque acupoin and the neiguan acupoint. It adjusts the nerve and the immune system, through the meridians to better improve the absorption of drugs, and achieve the purpose of rapid cure vitiligo.

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