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Mixture Light Energy Apparatus to Treat Vitiligo

mixture light energy apparatus to treat vitiligoThere are many equipment can treat the vitiligo, the mixture light is one of the safest equipment to treat vitiligo. What are the advantages of this equipment and the indications for this equipment?

The mixture light energy apparatus choose a narrow band light source, it emits out a high purity, high power density mixture light to irradiate skin. It can transfer the light energy to the cells. The light can change cells structure and kill bacteria as well, and provide the regenerative cells a suitable environment, Enhance the formation of new collagen elastin, collagen and the activity of skin cells, repair the damaged skin, Increase the skin elasticity, improve the cutis laxa and the aging skin condition. It will ease the burning skin condition under the treatment of phototherapy, and not injure the skin. It is one of the most safe and highly effective equipments in treating vitiligo.

The advantage of this mixture light energy apparatus

1) Non-contact, non-invasive treatment, rapid effect, short course of treatment, no side effects.

2) The treatment can be complete at once. Patients can leave after the treatment.

3) The out put of the light is stable, dosage is accurate, and the light source life span can last a long time.

4) It can effectively enhance the activity of collagen cells.

The indication of the mixture light energy apparatus

1)All types of vitiligo.

2)Phototherapy, thickened skin crusting, hyperkeratosis, etc after 308 laser therapy

3)Phototherapy and have some blisters after the 308 laser therapy.

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