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The Chinese Medical Steam Therapy For Vitiligo

The Chinese Medical Steam Therapy For Vitiligo, VitiligoThere are many treatments for vitiligo, and the different treatments show effects take different period of time. And now we introduce you a safe and long time effect. This kind of treatment is called Chinese medical steam therapy.

If you know about TCM, the traditional Chinese medicine, you will know that the Chinese medicines are the different types of herbs. The herbs can be used to oral intake, and it can also be used as bath therapy, now it can also be used as a steam therapy.

The Chinese herb medicine is boiled into brown soup, when we use the soup to treat vitiligo, it will be heated into gas. So this treatment is an herb air or gas treatment. The temperature can reach to 38-40 degree. And you should be naked in the treatment facility, which takes 20 minutes totally. Before this treatment, you should eat foods, and after the therapy, you need drink water, or you may feel dizzy.

When you are naked in the facility, the medicine is in air condition, the skin will absorb the medicine. With a high degree, the heat can promote the absorption of medicine. The only problem is that you may feel very hot.

But the medicine is from the nature, and it is a safe and long term effect. The heat can also promote the patient blood circulation, which is good for you. In the process of treatments, you will sweat and many metabolism waste products will be excreted from body.

TCM is a type of treatment to remove blood toxin, this treatment is also a treatment to remove the blood toxin, like toxic protein, inflammatory factors, and toxic cells. The symptom shows on skin, but the real cause in underneath skin, so we Chinese doctors advice to remove the blood toxin.

Vitiligo show the color loss on skin, but we don’t think we should only treat the white patches areas, so we should adjust the whole body, until we remove the real cause underneath skin, then the symptoms will disappear by itself.

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