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Water Therapy to Treat Vitiligo

Water therapy to treat vitiligo As we all known that the vitiligo is a very stubborn disease. In this article I will introduce you two therapies are called water therapy and stem therapy.

Water therapy is also called water light microelement treatment.

The mechanism of the water therapy is use the different temperature, pressure, and the solutes of the water to act the body in a comprehensive way. Based on the spectrum of fitness and the tolerance, we will add in the proportion of the medication according to the personal habitus, through stimulate the potency microelement from medication by using the mixture water and light. It makes the medication element react to the lesion part of body. It achieves the goals of treatment.

Indication: distributive vitiligo, generalized vitiligo type.

Contraindication: acute inflammation, infectious disease, hypertension, Severe atherosclerosis, hyperthyroidism, Chronic alcoholism, epilepsy, cardiac insufficiency, malignant tumor, with bleeding tendency, pregnant women, women's menstrual period.

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