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308 nm Excimer Laser Vitiligo Treatment

308 nm Excimer Laser Vitiligo Treatment,vitiligoIt is advanced treatment for vitiligo and psoriasis. And it is worldly recognized treatment for vitiligo. It is one type of excimer laser with 308 nm laser. This treatment is firstly invented by US. Now it is widely used to treat vitiliogo and other types of skin diseases.

It is invented by US, which has introduced to many counties too. As a latest therapy for vitiligo and psoriasis, 308 nm excimer laser is a clinic treatment. The XeCl is a type of gas that can produce the light.

It is a targeted therapy directly works on the attack areas. So the purpose is obvious. The normal UV light also is light treatment. But it is takes hundred time to show the effect. But 308 nm excimer laser only take 2-3 courses, there will show effects.

It is a safe and fast treatment. The treatment effects are obvious compared to the other treatment.

It is not only used to treat vitiligo, other types of skin disease also use this type of treatment.

The vitiligo patient show white patches on face, neck, arm and leg all can use 308 nm excimer laser. The vitiligo patients under 18 years old with low immune system show a good effect with this. And even the pregnant lady also can use this type of treatment.

The active vitiligo will show a fast sign of expansion without a professional treatment. But this treatment also suit for the active stage vitiligo patients.

As a latest treatment, it is widely used. But it is not enough, if want a long term effect, we should treat only the skin symptoms, but also we should remove the underneath causes. Only we remove the real cause, and prevent the causes occur again, we can prevent the recurrence effectively.

White patch is the symptoms, and we all know that it is an auto-immune disorder. So we should adjust the immune system.

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