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Two Different Stages for Vitiligo Disease

  Two stages for the vitiligo diseaseThe occurrence of the vitiligo is because of the lack of the melanocytes. When your body has the white patches, you have to recognize the different stage of the vitiligo?

I will introduce the two stages of the vitiligo, which is the development stage vitiligo and the stabilized stage vitiligo.

The development stage’s vitiligo

1. The patients white patches increasing, the original white patches gradually to spread and expand to normal skin area, the margin of the white patches are unclear.

2. The patients using some external stimulus cream make the white patches expand.

3. After the patients get the mechanic trauma such as the friction, it will make the original normal skin turn to white color, or isomorphic reaction occur, cause the original white patches expanding.

The stabilized stage’s vitiligo

1. Patient’s white patches stop spreading, the margin of the white patches is clear, the pigment become deeper at the margin of the white patches.

2. The isomorphic action will not happen after the mechanic trauma, or external using liquid medicine, so we can choose the external using medication, it can make the stabilized stage vitiligo transfer to the improving phase.

3. During the improving phase, the white patches margin is clear, the margin pigment become deeper, the amount of the white patches will reduce gradually.

What are the risk factors cause the vitiligo?

Based on the theory, the skin tissue contain the melancytes all have the risk of getting Decolorizing lesions. According to the large amount of the clinical cases, white patches easily to occur on the facial, cervical, and the waistband area, the women bra tape and the button oppression and anus area, and perineum etc.

There are two major reasons that the white patches prone to occur on those area, the first is the melancytes cell density is high in the sunburn area, in the melancytes density high area easily to have melanin metabolism disorder disease. Secondly the friction part prone to have the vitiligo.

So we have to seek for treatment as soon as possible. According to the clinical findings, the early stage of vitiligo, it will be easier to treat.

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