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New Generation for Vitiligo: Ternary Biological Therapy Apparatus

vitiligo treatmentNowadays, there are many therapies for vitiligo. Some are creams, some are oral medicines, and some are advanced instruments. And with technology development, the medications and instruments are becoming increasingly modern. There is a new generation for vitiligo called ternary biological therapy, which is a special treatment for vitiligo patients. What is the treatment principle for this therapy?

It applies nanometer wave heating, accurate high-frequency diathermanous method and infrared spectroscopy’ photodynamic action to gather to pathological tissues and generate energy. Then it can be absorbed by human body. By infrared heating, it can increase biological oxidation-reduction, accelerate blood circulation, promote body metabolism. With the action of a magnetic field, it can affect on human main and collateral channels and acupoint to improve fitness condition, accelerate blood circulation on lesion positions, strengthen nutrition supply, accelerate lesion positions metabolism, adjust body immunity function, accelerate eliminate effusion. As a result, it can lead to the rapid growth of melanophore and the increase of tyrosinase activity. In addition, improve microcirculation and local metabolism nutrition to better promote medication absorption. Thus reaching the best absorption effect of medicines and creams and eliminate white spots finally.

The contraindications:

1 .Patients whose cardiovascular compensatory function is not complete.

2.Hemorrhagic disorders and patients who have tendency to bleed.

3.Patients whose wound has not recovered, such as circumcision.

4.Patients who have neurogenic bladder and thermoregulatory dysfunction and intuitive obstacle.

5.Patients who have cystolith.

6.Patients whose tuberculosis is in active period.

7.Patients who are in gestation period or menstrual period.

8.Woman vitiligo patients who wear intrauterine ring.

9.Patients who have plate treatment and steel nail treatment after coronary bypass operation or trauma.

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