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UM-D System Treatments for Vitiligo

UM-D System Treatments for Vitiligo,VitiligoIt is a new treatment system in China, because it s a combined treatments system of traditional Chinese medicine and the modern latest treatments together.

What is traditional Chinese medicine?

It is the herb medicine, not like the hormone medicine, anti-immune, anti-inflammation medicine. The Chinese herbs come from the nature medical plants and animals. The human body has five main internal organs like heart, liver, spleen, lung, and kidney. And in the nature there are five elements like gold, wood, water, fire, and soil. Those five elements influence and work with each other. In the same way, the five internal organs also have the same relation. That means the people also related to the nature, and human body is also a part of the nature. If we have any problem showed on skin surface, which is related to the internal organs.

So the Chinese doctors will adjust the immune disorder and internal organs disorder. The nature herbs can be used to oral herb medication, five element bath, Chinese medical steam therapy, and other types of combined treatment.

What kinds of modern therapies included to UM-D?

Although the herb medicine with a long time history and long term effect. But it is the medication so it shows a slow effect. Then we also introduced some of the latest treatments.

Light treatments like UV light, 308 nm excimer laser. The medication include tablet to adjust immune system and injection and infusion. The Chinese medical therapy is to remove the blood toxin, so we also used the superoxide O3 to remove the blood toxin directly.

What are the Advantages of UM-D?

It combined the Chinese treatments as well as the modern therapy, there are the advantages of both the two types of treatments.

It is safe and long term treatment without side effect. And it is a fast treatment to show effect, because there are a system of treatments, not only the cream and anti-immune and anti-inflammation medications.

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