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How to Diagnosis Leucoderma

How to diagnosis leucoderma

As we all known, the main symptom of leucoderma is white patches appear on the body, but not all the white patches called leucoderma. So we have to know how to diagnosis vitiligo correctly, in case we diagnosis it wrongly and delay the best treatment time. Beijing CASU vitiligo hospital will introduce some common ways to diagnosis leucoderma.

1) Filter ultraviolet inspection

We are not easy to see the light spots in out eyes. The light white patches will show like a pure white fluorescent light when filtrated with UV light. The boundaries are clear contrasting with the surrounding normal skin.

2) Biopsy histopathology examination

The tissue structure changes for the vitiligo patients correspond with the melancytes damaged, the vitiligo mainly due to lack of melanin or completely loss of melanin. You would see reactivity of cutin yperplasia after irritated by the UV light. As well as dermis layer pigmentophage.

3) Friction or tapping test

Using the hands to tap or rub normal skin that surrounding the white patches. When the surrounding skin turn to red color. The white patches will turn to same color with the surrounding skin.

4) Skin sensation examination

Including check temperature, pain, touching sensation on the white patches area. The leucoderma patients skin feeling normal, Leprosy white spot area shallow feeling are damaged, including the normal feelings declines even disappear.

All in all, the treatment of vitiligo have to be treat early, according to many years experience, if you treat vitiligo in early stage, it will be most effective and cost less. Because the early stage, the pathogenic factor hasn’t reached a balance status with the patient’s body. So the white patches are easy to eliminate for the vitiligo patient. During the early treatment process for vitiligo, they must look for professional solutions from standard hospital to treat their disease. They should not go to some small clinic blindly, in case the disease condition will worsen.

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